Thursday, May 17, 2012

La Push, Baby!

"There are stories of the cold own great-grandfather
knew some of them. He was the one who made the treaty
that kept them off our land." -Jacob, Twilight, 6. Scary Stories
Although I've always been Team Edward, it was really exciting to cross the treaty line on the way to La Push. The Treaty Line is located at the entrance to 3 Rivers Resort, on the road from Forks to La Push. We made a quick stop at 3 Rivers to grab a bite to eat. The service was friendly, the burgers were tasty, and there was even a small section of the restaurant dedicated to Twilight. On one side of the main building, there's also a "Vampire Threat Level" sign, similar to the Fire Threat Level signs you often see near large forests or dry areas. With a scale of low, medium, high or danger, the Vampire Threat Level in La Push was set to danger, of course!

"I'd been to the beaches around La Push many times
during my Forks summers with Charlie, so the
mile-long crescent of First Beach was familiar to me."
- Bella, Twilight, 6. Scary Stories 
A few more miles down the road and we officially reached the Quileute Reservation. There's a small resort and a restaurant on the property, but it's still an active reservation where many of the Quileute people have their modest homes.

First Beach, is incredibly beautiful. There are lots of large branches that have washed ashore and made a home out of the jetty at the end of the beach. The beach was also home to a view of what I believe to be ancient lava deposits that look like gigantic rocks jutting right out of the ocean just off the shore.

Click here for the La Push, Baby! (Twilight Movie Scene)

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