Thursday, May 17, 2012

Twihard Tour in Forks

"The meadow, so spectacular to me at first, paled next to
his magnificence." -Bella, Twilight, 13. Confessions
The drive from Port Angeles to Forks can only be described as breathtaking. From the car, we saw mountains, forests and lakes that are so beautiful, they look unreal. There are also a few small parks along the way that were perfect for stopping and taking in the scenery.

As we approached Forks, we were greeted by the welcome sign, which has a convenient parking spot carved out so we could safely take advantage of the obvious Twihard photo op.

"It was to Forks that I now exiled
myself -- an action that I took
with great horror. "
-Bella, Twilight, 1. First Sight
After traveling down Main Street, we finally reached the Forks Visitors Center, took pictures with Bella's truck (both the book version and the movie version) and got a Forks Twilight Map, which includes directions to all of the Twilight points of interest including, the Swan house, Forks Outfitters (where I bought a Forks Spartans t-shirt), Forks Community Hospital, Forks High School, the Police Station, the Cullen house and La Push. Pictures of everything mentioned here will be posted soon!

Forks is a very small town that is surrounded by an amazing rainforest, with the biggest, moss covered trees I've ever seen. Although the movies representation of the town is quite a bit more glamorous than its reality, the books paint a pretty accurate picture of many real places in Forks and it was really exciting for a Twihard like me to see.

Click here to watch the Opening Sequence (Twilight Movie Scene), when Bella arrives in Forks.

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